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Our Little Roses Hurricanes Eta & Iota Relief

Donate to Help with Disaster Relief for OLR in the wake of Hurricanes Eta & Iota

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San Pedro Sula has been left devastated by Hurricane Eta’s torrential and unrelenting rain. We are so very grateful that the girls at Our Little Roses are safe but we are also heartbroken to find out that many of our staff have lost everything! Their homes have been completely flooded.

As of midnight November 6th we have learned that some of our employees are taking shelter in our Transition Apartment building. A building that we had to evacuate even before the hardships brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic due to roof damage. Now, even this broken space is better than the alternative.

Mayra Gonzales, Assistant to the Director of Our Little Roses Ministries sent news last night concerning the Schilling/Weeks Retreat Center in Petoa. Sandra and Rommel, the caretakers, reported “that around 11 of last night [November 5th] the wall from the back yard of the Retreat Center fell down. We lost communication with them as there have been blackouts in the whole country as well as bad internet connection”.

The harsh reality is that it will be days before the full damage and loss of life can be assessed. Not until the water has receded and the mud can be cleared.

Eta's "torrential rains battered economies already strangled by the COVID-19 pandemic, took all from those who had little and laid bare the shortcoming of governments unable to aid their citizens and pleading for international assistance." In a message shared via Twitter, Lisanadro Rosales, Honduras Foreign Affairs minister shared that "the destruction that Eta leaves us is enormous, and public finances are at a critical moment because of COVID-19".

UPDATE - November 16th

Our Little Roses and all of Central America now await Category 5 Hurricane Iota. As of this time, the path has slightly changed and has now kept Our Little Roses out of direct impact, however, we are expected to receive an additional 35 inches of rain on top of the already flooded streets.

The three rivers that converge to form one powerful river that runs on the right side of Our Little Roses is what caused tremendous devastation and damage here to the Home during Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

We have an evacuation plan to the second floor of the school and the girls have some of their belongings already packed and ready to go if necessary. We have stocked up on supplies in preparation so now all we have to do is keep praying to God that all will be safe from harm.

If you are able to donate to help with disaster relief, please do so by clicking above.

If you have any questions, please email OLRFMS Executive Director, Wendy Bourgault at Wendy.Bourgault@OurLittleRoses.org