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Give Baby Girls, Like Maya, an Opportunity at a Better Life!

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Every year, Our Little Roses shares a particular story to provide you with an inside look at the lives of the girls who find a sanctuary at Our Little Roses. This is our Annual Fund story which gives our extended Family members the opportunity to learn how child sponsorship programs through Our Little Roses make our mission and vision possible.

The girls we welcome into Our Little Roses often come from homes that are not well suited for children. Whether it’s intentional mistreatment or accidental neglect, there are many instances in Honduras where baby girls are born into households that are not able to provide them with adequate care.

At Our Little Roses, our mission is to step in and provide a home for young girls who otherwise would not get to experience what it’s like to grow up with educational opportunities or healthcare, let alone food, water, and basic necessities. But we can’t do it alone.

The story of Baby Maya parallels the stories of many other girls here at OLR, and as you learn about Maya, you’ll gain a better understanding of how Our Little Roses gives girls in Honduras a better life through your continued support!

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