Protect a Little Girl's Life with a Donation Today!

You can make a difference with as little as $10

Protect a Little Girl's Life with a Donation Today! image




You can make a difference with as little as $10

Feed Her, Clothe Her, Educate Her

With your support, we can transform the lives for these once forgotten girls! Every single gift -- large or small -- is a blessing! THANK YOU!

Provide these precious little girls with clothes to wear, food to eat and games to play. Help them earn the opportunities to learn English, take classes in the city, graduate from college, and give their own children a better life. Even a $10 donation is enough to help us transform the lives of dozens of children in the future.

Think of Critzenn, Kensy, Rocio and the 60-plus girls for whom we protect from harm, provide a safe, healthy and loving home with opportunities to learn. These girls deserve a future and a foundation in faith.

Every girl deserves a chance to live, to dream and to be loved.

Honduras' high poverty rate puts children at extreme risk of neglect, abuse and abandonment. It also makes the country an especially attractive ground for human traffickers, putting poor, abused and abandoned girls at extreme risk. The country's high poverty rate gives human traffickers an enormous opportunity to exploit people's needs for money. Children -- especially girls -- are a prime target.

For just $2 a day you can save a girl's life -- that's less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

About Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society

Our Little Roses Ministries is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to rescuing the girl child in Honduras from situations of risk. Our goal is to empower and transform them into successful women with moral and spiritual values. Provide a loving atmosphere abundant with unity, respect and security , while being strengthened through the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Little Roses is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit registered in the US under EIN: 54-1663713